Why San Francisco is the Ideal Place to Grow a Business


San Francisco – The place to start your new business?

San Francisco is growing as one of the greatest coastal cities for relocating families and young entrepreneurs. With a surplus of positive qualities, it’s no surprise that San Francisco finished at the top of Businessweek.com’s 2012 Best Cities and the Top 5 Cleanest Cities ranked by Reader’s Digest. In addition, here’s why:

The City by the Bay is home to popular start-ups such as Twitter, Craigslist, and Pandora. So it’s no surprise that those wishing to start their own entrepreneurial fairy tale are interested in relocating to where success was born. Moving to San Francisco can be quite costly to start your new business venture; however, by taking advantage of a plethora of business incubators and co-op facilities, you can save on some costs.

In a poor job market, San Francisco’s economy seems to be on the rise. The financial and business sector seems to be booming and leaving other cities in the dust. It is home to more than 30 financial institutions, ranking it as one of the top producing cities and a global financial center. The population has been at a steady increase since 1980 and has one of the highest percentages of college-educated workers.