Are you thinking of outsourcing janitorial services but think the cost is more than you are currently paying?

Are you thinking you can save money by “going in-house”?

Do you, or your employees, need to be relieved of managing the janitorial services for your company and focus on the job for which you, or they, are most experienced and qualified?

Is the cleanliness of your premises less than your tenants expect and consistent with the image you wish to project to your clients?

Believe it or not, the real question is not whether your company can afford to outsource janitorial and building maintenance. The question is, can your company really afford not to?

When compared to an in-house cleaning operation, 24/7 Building Maintenance (24/7) with our skills, ethics, and years of experience, can do the job better and eliminate the human resource headaches and liabilities associated with the complexities of staffing and cleaning. We will allow you to focus on managing your core business. Let us take a look at the basic advantages in 1) Operating Costs and Liability, 2) Expertise, 3) Resources and Support and 4) Expense.

  1. 1. Operating Cost Control and the True Cost of Employment Liability

Outsourcing janitorial services lets 24/7 easily adjust the level of staffing based upon changing occupancy or service requirements allowing you to control one of your highest operating costs as needs dictate.

24/7 handles all employee administrative issues, including worker’s compensation (janitors are classified differently than office workers) and insurance costs, unemployment and EEOC claims, vacation and sick leave replacements, while minimizing staff turnover and related costs of recruiting, training and any other administrative costs. We keep current on the ever-changing labor laws and mandated employee benefits, including health care, sick leave and State and City wage increases. When calculating the true cost of your in-house cleaning operation, many times these costs are not fully realized until you find yourself in a worst-case scenario due to injury, employee lawsuit or regulation oversight. Then it may be too late to avoid these expenses for months or even years.

One minor accident can drastically affect your company’s workers compensation insurance costs. 24/7 has comprehensive and proactive safety training and an extensive company Injury and Illness Loss Prevention Program. Our Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification rate is excellent and we maintain our rating by regular safety training meetings and aggressive claims management processes.

We bid out our business insurance policies every year to obtain optimum coverage at the most reasonable cost from top providers. We actively manage all claims to control costs. All our clients benefit from these savings.

  1. 2. Expertise

24/7 provides specialized expertise that provides a complete range of services, making us unique in the janitorial industry including:

  • Staffing and task estimating and distribution based on industry knowledge
  • Working knowledge of the best and newest methods, equipment and chemicals.
  • Efficient and comprehensive employee training and quality control programs
  • Experienced supervisors
  • Immediate response 24/7/365
  • Loss control programs

Experience and 24/7’s unique and proven employee benefit programs attract and keep qualified, dependable people. The available career path within our firm is superior to what most in-house operations can offer.

  1. 3. Resources and Support

24/7 can identify the areas of an in-house cleaning program that can be improved and develop a cleaning program that is more efficient and cost effective. It is much more difficult for your management to make the necessary changes without disruption and discontent. We are experts in transitioning companies to a new cleaning program.

We have the resources to provide far more than just nightly cleaning, including:

  • Immediate response to all service requests
  • Day porter/matron services
  • Specialty event porters/matrons
  • Carpet shampooing, deodorizing and extraction.
  • All types of Hard Floor maintenance
  • Professional window cleaning and waterproofing
  • Glass and metal etching removal
  • High pressure washing
  • Steam cleaning with water reclamation
  • Graffiti removal
  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Building washing
  • Trash removal and hauling
  • Sign and Awning restoration and cleaning
  • Handyman services
  • Emergency smoke and odor remediation
  • Flood clean-up and sewage spill remediation
  • Construction clean up
  • Painting
  • Lighting and ballast replacements

All of the above (and more) are available exclusively to our contract clients, not the general public. You will not have to bid out the services as our costs are fully disclosed. You will not have to qualify a list of subcontractors for all the services you need. We have the relationships, access, control, supervision, insurance coverage and a loyalty to you that will make your life easier.

In addition to continuously testing and evaluating new products, cleaning practices and environmental advancements, 24/7 also has the purchasing power to obtain the best pricing for all expendable supplies and restroom equipment that small companies may lack.  The on-site cleaning team receives supervision from 24/7’s experienced management team and, when the need arises; we can easily cover staff shortages and make personnel changes as needed. These situations are very difficult and expensive for companies with small in-house operations. We can also provide staffing on a moment’s notice for emergency situations such as fire, earthquake and flood clean-up.

  1. 4. Expense and Quality

To be competitive, 24/7 is subject to market discipline.  Wages and benefits of in-house operations are usually determined by management employees with a different skill set. 24/7 employees are paid in accordance with local market rates for the various classifications of janitorial skills and wages. Our bid will be a transparent cost analysis, based on customized cleaning specifications we will provide as a general guideline, not a limitation to the services we will provide. Cleaning frequencies and intervals will be provided but will never be used as an excuse for lack of cleanliness. We will provide all the cost information you need to make a decision without the aggravation and time consuming development of a bullet-proof Request For Proposals (RFP) and the subsequent confusing and, at times, misleading, bid evaluation.


When an informed comparison is made, outsourcing is the intelligent choice for most companies. 24/7 Building Maintenance is the best choice for to be your provider of all your building maintenance needs. Our reputation and long-term client references qualify and quantify us as the best possible choice for long term, high-quality cleaning and maintenance services. We strive for 100% satisfaction and settle for nothing less.

Let us show you how easy and cost effective it can be to make a smooth and almost effortless transition to professional cleaning and maintenance. Your business will benefit from a healthier environment, tenant satisfaction and better presentation of quality to your clients. Research has proven your bottom line will improve.

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