24/7 uses its skills and years of experience to custom design a cleaning program that is efficient and cost effective. Night janitorial cleaning services are supervised by a foreperson and backed up by a quality assurance team who regularly visit our clients to check quality, obtain feedback and respond to any concerns. Our clients appreciate our immediate response to all service requests.

Green Cleaning

“Environmentally Friendly”, “Green Cleaning”, “LEED Certified Building Cleaning” “Eco-Friendly” and Green Seal” are all terms that are not new to us. We have been driven to responsibly minimize our environmental impact while providing quality services for years.

Our clients depend on us to ensure their sustainability efforts and maintain a healthy environment. We work with all levels of green cleaning programs.

We take great care to provide high-quality cleaning services that are also environmentally friendly, creating a greener, cleaner workspace for everyone. For companies seeking LEED Certification or for those looking to lessen their carbon footprint, decrease waste, and promote a cleaner, healthier environment, we have the state of the art, eco-friendly, products, equipment and methods to do it. Certified environmentally favorable soaps and cleaning materials eliminate hazardous cleaning chemicals while still killing germs and scrubbing away dirt. Biodegradable materials and reduced packing materials help to decrease waste.

We do all of the above at a cost savings to our clients. Click here or give us a call at 818-886-6510 today to learn more.