The Importance of Hospital Cleanliness

janitor servicesWhen thinking of hospitals a few things come to mind – cleanliness and a sterile environment, especially when thinking about surgeries or even the room that you will be placed in. When you either work at, or need to go to, the hospital you should be reassured that it is one of the cleanest places you will visit.


Sometimes hospitals take cleanliness for granted. Until some sort of bacterial infection arises, it is placed on the back burner. When it comes to bacteria – you really cannot see the enemy here with your eyes, unless you use a microscope or other testing method to check that there is a presence on a table, floor or instrument.  And well, cleanliness is rather expensive.


There are a few organisms that infect patients and can thrive in the hospital environment if not handled immediately, Norovirus & MRSA being 2 that are commonly mentioned in the news. These organisms are spread so easily throughout the hospital environment.  Consider every door handle that needs to be opened, every push button in an elevator, and every chart that gets passed around. It is just as easy to pick up the contaminant by touching anything in the environment that the patient is in, as touching the actual patient.


There are dependable and reliable businesses, such as 24/7 Building Maintenance that cater to the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Your hospital needs to, and should be a clean and sterile environment for both your staff and patients to live and work in.  Visit us today to hear about some of our janitorial and facilities maintenance programs.