The Benefits of a Handyman Service


What exactly is a “Handyman service”?


Homeowners and proprietors often employ individuals with a wide range of skills to assist occupants with small tasks at home. Handymen commonly work on things like plumbing, electrical wiring, and various other jobs.


Employing a trustworthy handyman is crucial, and easier said than done in most cases. For example, say you own an apartment complex; supplying a handyman for the tenants is a smart move. If a tenant must find his or her own handyman for small repairs or changes, it’s possible they will procrastinate or just fail to do it at all. Eliminate the risk to your building by providing referrals to several quality handymen in the area.


How do you ‘tip’ a handyman?


Please remember that most handymen work for a company like ours, or through a private company. In any event, it helps to thank them, personally, for their hard work on your behalf. Etiquette states that an 18 to 20 percent tip is appropriate depending on level of satisfaction. However, tipping is not necessary if the handyman is his own company, or if you pay a “fee” for handyman services in a complex or building.