Professional Cleaners are Crucial after Big San Francisco Parades and Festivals


San Francisco is home to a wide array of celebrations and parades, which go on all year long. With last weekend being Pride weekend, along with the recent rulings on DOMA, SF saw many big, happy celebrations and parades. It was a great time, and the streets know it too. City cleaning crews usually do a great job cleaning up, and they do it quickly, but how many times have you seen small debris still near some buildings? Maybe a small flier or a small piece of candy, but even something small could make your building look dirty. Even though the city cleaners handle it, you should always have a professional clean the exterior of your business after nearby events and parades.


San Francisco is home to successful sports teams, which means: victory parades.  If there is only one thing messier than a parade, it’s a victory parade. With the recent Giants win, victory celebrations were ubiquitous in SF.  CBS recently posted an article about this, saying that city workers cleaned 1.5 tons of trash in just a few short hours. That sounds… impressive, but not thorough. They had to miss a thing or two, and you can’t let your establishment suffer because of this.


Moreover, the city cleaners are not going to power wash your entryways or building’s exterior. You’ll usually need a big, thorough cleaning after a big event. Think about the party animals, the ones who had just a little too much to drink. They could spill their drink (or worse) on your building, and they’re probably leaving trash and cigarette butts behind.