Advice for Keeping The Office Consistently Clean

The Importance of Office Cleanliness

Previously, we posted about the importance of office cleanliness. A clean and organized workspace enhances productivity and morale, so imagine what a dirty office can do.

Most offices have standards, enforcing some stronger than others. Surely, as a boss, you expect your employees to keep a clean area, but not everyone is meticulous enough to care. Some people actually prefer working in clutter, as strange as it may sound.

Consider enforcing routine cleaning sessions or maybe offer an incentive for keeping an area clean for thirty days. There are various ways to motivate your employees, but we’ve found a method that works phenomenally!

Impress Your Superiors by Keeping the Office in Pristine Condition

Announce to your employees that you plan to have commercial cleaners in the office soon, and that you expect their desks to be clean at the end of every day.
Emphasize the fact that if something looks like garbage the cleaners will discard it.
Find and employ an experienced group of commercial cleaners, like us for example.
Once the cleaners have finished, enforce a strict policy on office cleanliness. This will keep the entire area looking great until the next clean.
After about three weeks, announce the same thing again. Refrain from saying which specific date the cleaners will arrive. This will force your employees into a routine of cleaning their workstation at the end of every day.
Never go more than one month without a big staff-cleaning day. One month is long enough for dust and mildew to build up, so end that before it starts.