Start Cleaning ‘Green’ with Environmentally Safe Products

Although traditional cleaning products get the job done, they also contain chemicals that pose problems to our health and environment. More and more people and cleaning companies, like us, have been joining the green effect, which is a much safer way to clean and disinfect.

Gloves for Office and Residential Cleaning in LA California

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Using products that are Green SealĀ® certified helps to improve air quality and lessen the amount of chemicals emitted into the air. Many popular cleaning brands have created a line of “green” products including sprays, soaps, cleaning sponges and cloths. These green products are safe to use in all areas including food prep areas, baths, showers.

When shopping for containers, bins or other products made of plastic, choose ones that are biodegradable. Non-biodegradable plastics prove to be a major pollutant and contributor to environment damaging effects. Biodegradable plastics break down easier, are renewable, require less energy for production, and can be recycled easier.

The choice of going green is a lot easier when you consider this, products filled with toxins create toxic waste and just like everything else, that waste needs to be disposed of. Eventually, the waste will end up in the environment resulting in the water we drink and air we breathe being consumed of toxic waste.