Five Useful Tips for Keeping a Classroom Clean.

In 2009, an outbreak of H1N1 caused many students to miss their education while they recuperated from a virus that attracted the CDC. Since then Schools and classrooms have had a higher standard for cleanliness. Contrarily, some schools feel they’re doing the students a favor by cutting cleaning costs. While this plan comes with good intentions, cleaning costs are one thing that a business or school should NOT cut back on.


Teachers spend their days educating and encouraging students, they are not professional cleaners. The teachers and staff deliver a kind gesture by offering their help with cleaning efforts, but this is not a simple tidy job. Even school janitors often don’t have the equipment they need. Each school in this country should hire professional cleaners to get the job done; professionals are often the only ones who can make a school virtually germ-free. Even with professional cleaners, teachers should maintain the environment so that it feels professionally cleaned until the crew returns.


 Below, you’ll find five great tips for keeping a classroom clean.


1.) Children are more susceptible to illness than adults are, so keep that in mind if you’re a teacher. Don’t come in to work if you’re sick, you could get the whole class sick; substitute teachers have a job for a reason.

2.) Go over ways you can reduce germs in the classroom, make a game out of it so the kids are interested in what you’re saying.

3.)You can never have too many trash cans. A good rule is to have between four and six in one room. With all the projects, and all of the mistakes people make, the garbage cans will fill quickly.

4.)Be strict about your cleanliness rule, as it may not be enforced at home; take away recess if the room is too messy.

5.)The second anyone coughs or sneezes, disinfect the area for at least thirty seconds; teach them about the vampire sneeze, as shown by Elmo in the video below.